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Dr. Sara on Sep 3, 2016

One of the hardest parts of changing the way you eat, is knowing how and where to shop. As part of this series, I will be showing you my top picks at the major grocery stores in our area. Please keep in mind that we are not affiliated with any of these stores. We just want to show you the best options to buy in this area that will help make eating real food easier. Giant Eagle definitely has the most real food options and it has some of the highest quality store bought produce in this area.

Here are some of my top Giant Eagle picks!

1. Fresh Organic Produce

organic produce

The vegetables at Giant Eagle looked really fresh and unblemished. They cost more than Aldi or Walmart, but I found that they stay fresh longer.

2. Uncured Bacon

uncured bacon

Giant Eagle has two types of uncured bacon, Coleman’s and a Market District.

3. Grass fed and Organic Beef

grass fed beef

Giant eagle has steaks and ground beef available.

4. Organic Chicken

organic chicken

Whole chickens, breasts and thighs.

5. Siggi’s Yogurt

siggis yogurt

Delicious and low in sugar!

6. Kerrygold Butter

kerrygold butter

Both salted and unsalted.

7. Organic Eggs

organic eggs

A perfect protein.

8. Frozen fruit and vegetables.

frozen produce

Organic if possible.

9. Canned Fish

canned fish

Comes in BPA free cans.

10. Old Croc Cheese

old croc cheese

Two words, so good!

Other items to look for while shopping at Giant Eagle

  • Kombucha and Kevita
  • Lentil Pasta Mixes
  • Almond and Coconut Milk
  • Organic Lunch Meat
  • Almond and Peanut Butter

Happy Shopping and stay tuned for future posts in this series!

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