Kevin L.

Dr. Cullyn has provided me with huge relief from various body aches ask pains that are attributed to my falling 32 feet off of a house in 2000. The doctor [provided significant relief by application of these techniques and in fact allowed me to go for 6 months without having schedule my usual medical doctors appointment. The treatment was completely painless and brought about huge improvement within a one week time frame. Dr. Cullyn always demonstrated a passion for what he has been trained to do and an amazing ability to diagnose areas of pain without being told what and where they are. The ability to bring such welcome relief is truly appreciated as a patient. Dr. Cullyn always explains what he is diagnosing and what treatment he is going to apply as well has how it will benefit. Too bad more things in life are not for straightforward! I highly recommend Dr. Cullyn to anyone. This is especially true if you have already tried the traditional treatment options of drugs and physical therapy with limited success such as I did. Having had a fusion surgery I never thought I was a candidate for a Chiropractor. I have been truly thrilled with all of the care and treatment provided by this fine practice!!!!

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