Kristina L.

I am utterly grateful to have randomly crossed paths with Dr. Sara, which initiated my journey with Integrative Health and Wellness about a year ago. When I first started, I had already began desiring a healthier lifestyle but struggled with finding the right resources and support. I was battling with low energy, asthma, allergies, a poor immune system, anxiety/irritability and a difficulty losing weight, all of which have significantly improved beyond my expectations. An issue which I had not expected to address with Dr. Sara was infertility. I had experienced 2 prior early miscarriages and endless amounts of disappointment. With some nutritional changes, supplementation, chiropractic care and the outstanding skills set and support of Dr. Sara, I am proud to say I am 22 weeks pregnant and am having an amazingly healthy and blissful pregnancy. My husband also attends the practice and has experienced positive results. We absolutely plan on choosing a healthy lifestyle for our soon to be family of 3, which will include visits with Dr.Sara. I find the care, resources and education provided by Integrative Health and Wellness as invaluable and I have referred many friends and family to them as I feel everyone deserves the best quality of life possible.

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