Linda C.

I started to see Dr. Cullyn about a year ago based on a recommendation from a friend. Never having done to a Chiropractor, I must admit that I was very skeptical when I started. I wasn’t sure that he could help me with my body aches and pains and my fibromyalgia symptoms. Well I’m not a skeptic anymore! I had been going to a rheumatologist for many years and they just kept putting me on more and more drugs until I realized that none of the medicine they were giving me was helping, and may have even been hurting me. I quit taking then and thought I would just deal with the pain. Not only did Dr. Cullyn help my fibromyalgia, but I am no longer taking some of the other prescription drugs that I was using; such as Nexium for my gostroesophageal reflux disease and Zocor for my cholesterol. I figured that feeling a bit better was good enough, but Dr. Cullyn does not settle and believes that you should feel great. I am getting to that point now, thanks to his use of Professional Applied Kinesiology and Nutritional Response Testing. I have an overall feeling of wellbeing and contentment. He is able to accurately tell me what my body needs and what I need to do to help it. It is so refreshing to go to the doctors and not have to tell them what is wrong and what needs to be done. There is no guess work; by using muscle testing, my body tells Dr. Cullyn what is wrong. I am still working on becoming great, but I know that with Dr. Cullyn I will get me there.

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