Michele W.

Dr. Cullyn Consales and the Integrative Health and Wellness Center have put my son and I on the path to health in a very short amount of time. We began working with Dr. Consales 5 months ago, starting with my 4 year old son. Within the first week, the changes in my son were remarkable. I should note that we have tried many other practitioners from Alternative to Allopathic with little to no success. Over the last 5 months, my son’s health continues to improve steadily. Dr. Consales shows true care, understanding, and patience with each of our visits. He is amazing with my son and engages him in conversation that makes my son feel comfortable. Recently, I heard my son telling a family member that Dr. Consales is the “best doctor in the galaxy!” I began going to Dr. Consales 4 months ago for my health. Dr. Consales has shown me the same care, understanding and patience. He always listens to all I have to share, which is usually a lot! He takes the time to answer my million questions and never makes me feel rushed. He shows a determination and passion I have not experienced before. My health has improved in ways I didn’t know were possible. He has helped me through some very difficult periods in my healing and continues to do so. When I came to him, I didn’t think there was hope for healing, but now I know there is! Dr. Consales and Dr. Vivona have a strong passion for educating their patients and the community. Both doctors are extremely knowledgeable about nutrition (examples: Weston A. Price, GAPS), health and life style. They share their books and other information at each visit to ensure their patients are able to make the right choices to aid in their healing.Dr. Consales has been a blessing to our family. I fully recommend the Integrative Health and Wellness Center to all.

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