Milo C

My son, Milo, was 5 years old when we started seeing Dr. Cullyn. He was highly emotional, needy, and difficult to compromise. He would develop burning red cheeks after Wi-Fi and TV exposure which indicated the existence of heavy metal toxicity in him. He also lacked interest in physical activity that boys his age would most likely enjoy and want to do. He was sensitive to a handful of foods such as eggs, fruits, legumes, etc. Milo is 6 years old now. After only two sessions with Dr. Cullyn we started seeing positive changes in his mood and behavior. Later on he stopped reacting to EMF exposure and could eat eggs again. We were successful at introducing some legumes and low-sugar fruits in his diet, as well. He is a happy, even-tempered and energetic boy now. He can ride a two-wheeler without training wheels, swim and run without feeling exhausted now. I have my boy back and highly recommend Dr. Cullyn.

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