Sara K.

When I came to Dr. Sara I knew I my joints hurt, I felt bloated, tired, and I didn’t understand why I was blotchy each and every day, and why on earth did my urine smell stinky sometimes and sweet others? Ick! I knew the blotchy skin was from what I’d eaten, but couldn’t pin point what. As we worked through my issues I felt my body come alive. The tiny little pimples on my upper arms and stomach have all but disappeared. My urine does not smell anymore and my joints do not hurt. I now wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to take on what the day brings. My moods have also evened out tremendously, which my husband is very grateful. Dr. Sara’s kindness, gentle prodding (and sometimes chewing me out) gave me the motivation to lose 20 lbs., by moving my body and enjoying the movement, and learning what processed foods were doing to my body. She also guided me on what GOOD food I should be eating and mostly WHY. This convinced me to eliminate sugar, grains, and caffeine from my diet. Yes, sugar. My body just cannot tolerate the after effects of it, as well as rice or corn. Whole, natural good organic meats, fruits and vegetables garnish my plate daily now. And I enjoy eating them. Fruit tastes sweeter than candy and is more satisfying. At 54 I feel in my 30s again. AND my husband has also lost just over 30 lbs. as he has walked this journey with me. Thank YOU Dr. Sara and IHWCenter for turning back the clock physically for me and in the wake, for my husband! The attached photo was a surprise before and after taken at a corporate event at PNC park. The “me” on the jumbo-tron is before working with Dr. Sara, and the “me” in front is the now. I had no idea how awful I looked, but I love the me now.

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