Steve M.

Having been born and raised by a father who was a pharmacist, having been treated for many malady and mishap by traditional doctors all my life, and having consistently grown for feeble despite threat best efforts and intentions, only having come across Dr. Consales and the holistic, homeopathic, common sense approach that he applied to his patients have I truly found a doctor who aids my health and well being. Under his care we’ve been about to make substantial changes in my diet which has resulted in my going from 255 lbs to 220, sustained for a year and a half now, bring organ function back to normal (if only I’d quit smoking) I’ve dropped my blood pressure meds as they are no longer needed, and I have a keen sense of the junk that I no longer subject my systems to when I go grocery shopping. The relationship has been life changing in many respects. What prompted this letter today is multifaceted, a combination of counting my blessings today on Thanksgiving 2014, and overall belief that what he practices and teaches far outperforms traditional medicine, and my most recent encounter with a blown out knee. Two weeks ago I injured it, Dr. Consales was unavailable and I panicked. I went to an orthopedist who diagnosed a torn meniscus and injected cortisone. Pretty painful twenty seconds. Two days later I when to see my buddy. Or should I say I limped to see my buddy, having gotten little to no relief from the injection. Twenty minutes later I was putting full weight only knee without and ounce of discomfort. Really remarkable and I am still awe struck two weeks later. I find him very well educated, knowledgeable, and personable and recommend him any time a friend voices medical concerns. It may sound odd, but I now consider my Chiropractor as my primary care physician.

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