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What is it? 

P-EMF utilizes electrical currents to produce very specific magnetic pulses within the body to reduce inflammation and heal. Since it's development for NASA in the '90s, it has been highly refined by its original creator Robert Dennis. We use his most recent device containing, I.C.E.S, DigiCeutical Technology of which there are no known side-effects.   

How Does It Help?

During your treatment, pads are placed over the area of concern and emit a very gentle magnetic field and creating the positive effects of this therapy. Treatments have been shown to help the following conditions: 

  • Optimized the Expression of over 150 Genes involved with Cellular Repair and Growth

  • Speeds Healing Time

  • Eliminates Pain

  • Heals Burns and Skin Lesions

  • Helps Muscle Soreness

  • Helps Joint Soreness

  • Breaks the Inflammatory Cycle within the Tissues

  • Increases Cellular Energy

  • Increased Muscle and Joint Performance

  • Speeds Recovery Times




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