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  • Can you help my condition?
    We have had great success treating people with multiple conditions. You can think of your condition / symptom(s) as alarms going off in your body. They never tell you or your doctor the cause of the alarm, unless you physically injure yourself. We address the underlying dysfunction(s) within your body. As those dysfunctions begin to go away the alarms i.e your symptoms, begin to improve. You can find some of our condition related results here
  • How long until I start to see results?
    The natural health process is quite different from traditional medicine. The time is takes to begin seeing results varies from person to person. Fortunately, the doctors here treat you as an individual and are trained to personalize each treatment according your needs. We work as quickly as possible to get you feeling yourself again. You can find our clinical results here.
  • Do I have to take a ton of supplements?
    Our goal is to get your body functioning to the best of its ability naturally without needing many, if any, supplements. You may need supplements to build, repair, and detoxify your body, but our long-term goal is to get your nutrients from food.
  • How do I get started?
    You begin with two 45-minute appointments. The initial appointment is your exam. This is the time you get to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. Then the doctor will perform a thorough, noninvasive examination, to determine what the underlying issues are causing your symptoms. The next appointment is your Report of Findings. The doctor will go over the results of your exam and discuss what they think is causing your symptoms, if they think they can help, and how. You then get to decide if you would like to start treatment immediately and begin your path to healing! Click here to give us a call or make an appointment.
  • How much is an exam?
    The Initial Consultation / Examination and followup Report of Findings with the doctor is $280. We currently offer a $100 discount for watching our online health class and generating a passing score (9 of 13) on the quiz pertaining to it.
  • Do I have to watch the class to become a patient?
    No, you do not need to watch the class to become a patient although it is most beneficial for you and the doctor. The class gives you an in-depth understanding & demonstration of how our unique techniques work so that you have a better understanding of what is happening through your initial exam. This provides the doctor more time to focus on your symptoms rather than explaining the process. It’s also a great way for you to get to know the doctors so you feel more comfortable.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We understand that money is often a concern for new patients. Our methods are unique and we quickly get results when no one else can. We are not in network with insurance companies and can therefore focus on what is needed to correct your condition. Often times insurance-based practices end up providing you with aimless treatments to appease an insurance company who may not have your best interests in mind. Your health is more important to us than billing insurance for income.
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