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Health Class

An intro to our treatments, how they work, and most importantly, how to become and stay healthy. 


  • Techniques to Remove Emotional Baggage

  • Overcome Sickness

  • How to Heal Your Organs on a Cellular Level

  • Address the Underlying Causes of Poor Health

  • How to Sort Through Fad Diets

  • What We Can Do To Help You and Scientifically, How It Works.  

After the class, you will have the option of answering a few quiz questions regarding the class. If you receive a passing grade by getting 9 of 13 questions correct, you will receive a 50% discount off of your Initial Consultation, Examination, and Report of Findings. (A $140 Value)


To redeem your discount, make an appointment by calling us and scheduling your appointment today or the next available business day, for an appointment within the next two weeks (see hours below).  


Complete the information below and receive your access link to the class.


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