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There was constant muscle pain. All muscles in my right leg were sore even being on crutches all day. Constant pain in between my muscles running up and down my leg. There was also lots of paint and pressure inside the knee. Now that I am walking on it again and have been taking choline since I came in the first day, I am starting to feel like I’m back to normal. My muscle pain has been kept moderate thanks to treatments here and aid from salt baths. The laser has really reduced pressure from the scar tissue and “gunk” inside my knee. Also, the pain running down my leg is more central to a certain area.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Sam S.


Before: Frequently urinate & UTIs, plantar fasciitis, overweight, inflammation, numbness of toes occasionally.

Now: Urination controlled, no UTI, no plantar fasciitis, lost weight, less inflammation, less frequency of numbness

-Leeanna L.


Prior to seeing Dr. Cullyn I was experiencing ankle, knee, and leg pain on a daily basis. This pain had been an issue that I was just “living with”. Today my ankle, knee and leg pain is completely gone. It is amazing that I no longer have any of the issues that I was just “living with”. I’m 100% satisfied with how Dr. Cullyn has helped me and restored me back to normal. Thank you, doctor.

-Charles A.


Before coming to IHWC, I was having a difficult time recovering from exercise. My back hurt and was limiting my daily life. I was getting injured frequently at the gym. I had tendonitis in my wrist and elbow. I was working out daily, but I was continuing to gain weight.

But now my mobility has greatly improved. The chronic wrist and elbow pain I was experiencing went away. I have more energy to work-out. I even feel as though my workouts don’t drain me. I have lost weight, and I feel much better!

-Francine B.


Before coming to see Dr. Sara, I felt I was in pretty good shape except for a chronic pain in my shoulder. It would worsen with physical activity and cause great discomfort while I was trying to sleep. After a few weeks in my nutrition program, I’ve lost 5 pounds, my shoulder pain has been eliminated and I feel even better than I did before!

-Jeffrey B.


My shoulder had a really sharp pain anytime I went to do a push-up, bench press, and shoulder press. I felt that I injured it during exercise and no one could really figure out what was wrong. I tried an orthopedic doctor and he couldn’t pinpoint the problem. Then I came to Integrative Health and Wellness Center and within a total of two visits at 15 min per visit, Dr. Cullyn figured out exactly what it was and fixed it. It was almost too good to be true. Now the pain has completely gone away and I will be able to go back to my normal lifting schedule.  I no longer have to worry about getting on an MRI and possibly needing surgery! I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has any pain or thinks they need to see a doctor. I would make sure they come here before a doctor says they might need surgery.

-James T.


I had sciatic pain in my lower back, left side, and into my knee. I had a hard time getting up from a seated position and could not stand for more than 5 minutes at a time. When I get up now, there is no pain. I feel stronger and don’t have to worry about finding a place to sit down.

-Jim T


I had a separated shoulder which was the result of a horse kick late last summer. After repeated visits to orthopedic surgeons and intensive physical therapy, my shoulder remained weak and unstable. I was introduced to Dr. Cullyn late December and in one month my shoulder had significant strength and was less painful with Applied Kinesiology Treatments. My shoulder continues to improve and I decided to give my body a nutritional program. Since starting the program I have experienced more energy, my nightmares have disappeared and I look forward to my body “keeping up with” my much-improved shoulder. I’m thrilled with healthy body progress which paves the way to a healthy mind.

-Paula M.


I had a very painful shoulder and arm.  I could not move my arm for a week! I am now great! I am amazed! My arm is almost completely back to normal. I am so glad that I kept Dr. Sara’s card and had the good sense to come to her when I needed treatment! Thank you! I am a convert for life!

-Deborah K.


I had a sore neck and back. Arms were numb and tingly. After only three visits with Dr. Cullyn the numbness and tingling are resolved and my neck and back pain has subsided considerably. Almost unnoticeable.

-Raena L.


I had chronic tightness which was unresponsive to conventional treatments and some nonconventional treatments. It was bothersome on a daily basis and limited my activities. I can now go days without thinking about it.

-Katie F.


Before seeing Dr. Cullyn I was in terrible pain! My back and left leg kept me from sleeping and almost from walking – I could only walk with a walker or the like. Now I am pain-free – almost unbelievable.

-Patrick K.


Before seeing Dr. Cullyn, I was not feeling well. I had several body aches, constant headaches, neck pain, and constant sinus infections. Now I honestly feel great. There has been a significant difference in the way I feel. My sinus problems and neck pain are basically gone. I have more energy and a huge difference in overall health.

-Ryan M.


I feel compelled to write, as the result of having been a patient of Dr. Consales for the past two years or so.

Having been born and raised by a father who was a pharmacist, having been treated for many malady and mishap by traditional doctors all my life, and having consistently grown feeble despite their best efforts and intentions, only having come across Dr. Consales and the holistic, homeopathic, common sense approach that he applied to his patients have I truly found a doctor who aids my health and well-being. Under his care, we’ve been able to make substantial changes in my diet which has resulted in my going from 255 lbs. to 220 (sustained for a year and a half now). We have brought organ function back to normal (if only I’d quit smoking). I’ve dropped my blood pressure meds as they are no longer needed, and I have a keen sense of the junk that I no longer subject my systems too when I go grocery shopping. This relationship has been life-changing in many respects.


What prompted this letter today is multifaceted, a combination of counting my blessings today on Thanksgiving 2014, and overall belief that what he practices and teaches far outperforms traditional medicine. Two weeks ago, was my most recent encounter -a blown out knee. At the time, Dr. Consales was unavailable and I panicked. I went to an orthopedist who diagnosed a torn meniscus and injected cortisone. Pretty painful twenty seconds! Two days later I went to see my buddy…Or should I say I “limped” to see my buddy? -since I received little to no relief from the injection. Twenty minutes later I was putting full weight only knee without an ounce of discomfort. Really remarkable and I am still awestruck two weeks later.

I find him very well educated, knowledgeable, and personable and recommend him anytime a friend voices medical concerns. It may sound odd, but I now consider my Chiropractor as my primary care physician.

- Steve M.


I had lower back pain that caused aching in my hip and upper legs. It was painful to sit, especially driving to work in the morning. I had trouble bending at the waist. It was often difficult to even tie my shoes. I have also been on medication for high blood pressure for over 10 years. My readings with medication averaged 135/85.

After seeing Dr. Cullyn, the pain in my lower back is virtually gone. I have more mobility and it is much easier for me to bend, including tying my shoes. I have been almost pain-free while driving after only 5 treatments! My blood pressure has also shown improvement. Reading after a few visits have been about 127/74 – my lowest readings in years.

-Randy M.


Dr. Cullyn has provided me with huge relief from various body aches ask pains that are attributed to my falling 32 feet off of a house in 2000. The doctor [provided significant relief by application of these techniques and in fact allowed me to go for 6 months without having schedule my usual medical doctor’s appointment. The treatment was completely painless and brought about huge improvement within a one-week time frame. Dr. Cullyn always demonstrated a passion for what he has been trained to do and an amazing ability to diagnose areas of pain without being told what and where they are. The ability to bring such welcome relief is truly appreciated as a patient. Dr. Cullyn always explains what he is diagnosing and what treatment he is going to apply as well as how it will benefit. Too bad more things in life are not for straightforward! I highly recommend Dr. Cullyn to anyone. This is especially true if you have already tried the traditional treatment options of drugs and physical therapy with limited success such as I did. Having had a fusion surgery, I never thought I was a candidate for a Chiropractor. I have been truly thrilled with all of the care and treatment provided by this fine practice!!!!

-Kevin L.


This was my first experience with a Chiropractor. I was referred to Dr. Cullyn by my brother because I was experiencing sudden sharp spasms. They would start in my lower left back and travel around my right hip and down my right leg and into the foot. It was very hard to walk without tears. The pain was so severe that I thought that I would possibly be permanently disabled.

I was referred to Dr. Cullyn was able to see me the same day! The very first treatment was amazing! He gave me the hope that I needed to get better. As a Kidney dialysis and transplant patient, I know about pain and recovery. Doctor, Cullyn Consales is professional, caring. And utilizes treatment and rehabilitation exercises that work. He educated me to understand what happened to me and how I could help with my recovery. After only a short period of time, I am now pain-free!


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