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Located on this page is a basic rundown of our process and general treatment fees. If you have any further questions please give us a call. 

Initial Consultation & Examination

You will receive a thorough consultation and exam from one of our highly trained doctors. The examination does not require radiation, bloodwork, or bodily samples of any kind. Your doctor will review with you your heath concerns and evaluate musculoskeletal, organ, and nervous systems function. Your doctor will then write up a detailed Report of Findings to be revised with you during your following visit. This visit can range from 30-45min in duration.



  • $280 ($154 if online class is completed and quiz is passed)


Report of Findings

During this 30min visit, your doctor will review with you their findings from your previous examination visit, answer all of your questions and discuss fees. if at the end of this Report, you feel that this is the right place for you, you would have your first treatment visit (15min). At the end of the treatment visit you would be charged the treatment visit fee (see below) and supplement fees if needed.


  • $0 (included in your examination visit fee above)


Treatment Visit

Includes structural, chemical, and emotional corrections. These visits are typically 15min long but can sometimes be scheduled for 30min if needed. 


  • Adult $65

  • Minor $55 (age 17 and under)


Additional Services

We do offer additional services which can only be utilized by current patients when recommended by your treating doctor. These therapies include: Hyperbaric Chamber, Advanced Cold Laser, PEMF, Steam Sauna, and Ozone. Fees are discussed during your Report of Findings if needed. 


Get In Touch

If you'd like to schedule an Initial Consultation & Examination Visit, please give is a call.

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