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What is it?

Laser therapy has played a key role in assisting thousands of patients with countless conditions. Conditions successfully treated include but are not limited to joint pain, skin conditions, muscle injury/pain, bone conditions, organ system repair, immune system dysfunction, neurological conditions, headaches/migraines, sinus, wound healing, and plantar fasciitis.


Lasers work by emitting what is called photon or light energy. The treatment effectiveness and penetration of photon energy are dependent on the wavelength (color) of the laser, power, and pulse frequency.


Our advanced clinic laser emits both red and infrared laser light specifically pulsed at high energy levels. This allows for condition-specific treatments with excellent results. 



How is it utilized?

Laser treatment is very comfortable and noninvasive. Our doctors utilize this treatment with many of our patients as an adjunct to Applied Kinesiology or organ-specific nutritional treatment programs.



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