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Digestion Issues... 

We get it.


It affects your work, your family, your attitude, and everything else.  It's time to get your life back.


Digestive issues are the result of dysfunction. Sensitivities or "bugs" may be present or in excess, enzymes may be off, nerves may not be firing properly, organs may not be functioning at 100%... the list goes on.


We specialize in getting to the source of your issue by eliminating the underlying dysfunction to your digestion issues settled.

"I had intestinal problems, hip pain, inability to sleep, weight issues, and higher than normal cholesterol levels requiring a drug with side effects which were making my life uncomfortable. Now my intestinal flair-ups have eased markedly, my weight is down and I’ve gone down two sizes. My cholesterol levels are fine without drugs and in fact, my PCP is aware and agreed with my decision to stop cholesterol-lowering drugs." 

Barb A.

"I had extreme acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion. I was to the point where missing a daily OTC medication pill would lead to constant pain and near vomiting. In addition, I was overweight, tired and energy-less. After my first visit until now, I have taken heartburn medication once, total. The acid reflux and heartburn are not non-existent. In addition, I’ve lost appx. 20lbs and feel great."

Brian S.

"I had GERD symptoms and frequent headaches. I one month it was under control with fewer symptoms. I now only need to take medication prior to bedtime. I have reduced my prescriptions to one-half and have fewer headaches."

Laura A.

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