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I was feeling so angry and tired. I had back issues and always felt depressed, and worn out. Now my back pain is gone. I don’t have constant anger issues anymore. I have more energy. 

-Brandy D.


Dr. Cullyn is a treasure! He's restored my energy so I am enjoying my family and life. He has helped me physically AND emotionally! Dr. Sara & Joelle are so warm & friendly that I feel like part of their family at the office. I would recommend them to everyone because my life has been drastically changed because of their expertise.

-Jaime W.


I felt sluggish, I had low energy, my joints ached, I couldn’t think clearly, and was beginning to feel anxious. Now after a few visits with Dr. Sara, I feel much more energetic, my joints no longer ache, and I feel that my mind is calmer and sharper. I’ve also lost a few pounds and when I watch my carb intake as Dr. Sara recommended, I’m not bloated. I feel so much better about my body image. Thank you, Dr. Sara,!

-Charlene W.


I was irritable often and craved sugary food frequently. I was often anxious and overwhelmingly nervous. I was always thirsty and my legs would be sore daily. After being under Dr. Cullyn’s care I have lost my anxiousness and irritability. I can go days without sugar or sweets. I rarely eat bread or grains. I am less tired and do not have that always thirsty feeling or tightness in my legs.

-Molly S


What was it like before you came in to see us?

“Depressed, anxious, stressed, neck and back pains, no energy, insomnia, overweight etc.”


How is it now?

“No depression, stress, insomnia, back or neck pain. Losing weight. Energy all day and night. Just feel healthier and happier.”

-David K.


Before Meeting Dr. Cullyn I was angry all the time and didn’t know why. I was short-tempered with my children, despite my best efforts to suppress my unwarranted frustration; also, I wouldn’t go to the mall, or Walmart, or any store, with my family. I would get terribly dizzy and horribly anxious if I stepped inside the store. I had to sit in the care while the family when into shop. Thirdly my menstrual periods would last 9 days now it’s only 4 like it should be. I have suffered from migraines since I was 5 years old. I had erratic, miserable, debilitating dizziness for 9 years.

After one week on Dr. Cullyn’s nutritional program, the dizziness was almost gone. My anger is gone. I am calm with my children. I go to the mall weekly with my kids. Walmart doesn’t faze me anymore. No more anxiety attacks! I feel NORMAL after feeling like a broken, unsolvable jigsaw puzzle my whole life. I have finally got answers. I am whole. My body is functioning as it should be. I cry tears when I know where I’ve come from, to where I am now. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Cullyn for working with to fix the once broken body. I am so thankful to God for bringing Integrative Health & Wellness Center to Greensburg.

-Brittany B.


Since seeing Dr. Cullyn, I am beginning to look at food in a different light. Rather than as a solution to problems, I see it as a means to becoming healthy as I get older. I am learning slowly to make wiser food choices and in doing so learning to hear and feel how my body reacts to what I ingest. I also like the one-on-one approach with someone whom I feel cares… I do not feel fatigued or generally depressed anymore.

- Judith S.


I had upper back pain distress-filled days, sleep problems, and depression. After just four months of care, my upper back pain is all but gone so that after exercise I don’t have to take my mid-day medicine. My stress handling is also improved! I can deal with stress clearly and calmly. Sleep is good and regular. Also, my depression medicine has been cut in half!

-Carrie H.

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