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Before: Energy level lower & inconsistent. Brown spots pronounced & embarrassing especially on my hands. My neck & back were sore (especially neck). Wrist pain was chronic. Constipation. Feet & ankles sore.


Now: Energy level much improved. I have not been noticing the brown spots on my hands which is amazing for me. My neck has improved a lot- I don’t have the pain across my shoulders & back anymore. Wrist pain is much less chronic- only hurts when I overexert. Constipation is improved with the increase of good fat consumption. Overall much happier with my pain levels

-Lynne S.


I absolutely would recommend these guys to anyone.... I’m amazed every time I go. They have helped me with my arm numbness, depression and anxiety has improved, the energy I now have is amazing. Now I'm starting into the weight loss and Dr. Sara has equipped me with great nutritional knowledge. The chiropractic treatments have helped me more than anything I've tried before.

-Tonya S.


I felt sick all the time. It really put a damper on my life. I was miserable and had tried conventional medicine and nothing seemed to work. Now I feel a million times better! I feel energized, healthy, and like I can live my life again!

-Brianna W.


Since I started with Integrative Health and Wellness and seeing Dr Cullyn the time and investment has been so well worth it! I have seen many areas of my health improve. My energy level has increased significantly. My blood panel hasn't been as good as it currently is in at least 10 years. My trust of Dr Cullyn in knowing his nutrition and his education in chiropractic care and the nutritional Response testing, NRT, he has been working with me on and will continue to work with me on is amazing. I must say I was skeptical at first with NRT but with so many positive things that have improved with my health, I'm a believer. Thanks Dr. Cullyn for helping me to get my health aspect of my life back on track!!!

-Monica K.


Before I came to Dr. Consales, I had horrible stomach pains almost daily. My hair was limp and falling out. I had so little energy that I rarely got off the couch! Working out was a thing of the past. My eyes were extremely dry and red. I had four cysts in my breasts that are checked every six months. Lastly, my menstrual cycle was extremely painful.

It is astounding how much my health has improved in only seven months. I am now completing workouts I never thought I could. My hair has improved so much. I have a ton of energy. My eyes are significantly less dry. My menstrual cycle has improved 90%. My stomach hurts very seldom and the pain is insignificant. One of the four cysts in my breast is gone. Dr. Consales has changed my life.

-Jennifer U.


Before seeking out IHWC, I had multiple issues that I assumed were a “normal” part of aging. I was really fatigued, had bad back pain, joint pain, digestive issues, and problems sleeping. My energy level was so low that I could barely make it through a whole day at work. It used to take 3 cups of coffee to wake me up in the morning!


Now? ALL of my symptoms are gone. I sleep great, and I get up in the mornings full of energy. I do not need coffee to wake me up anymore. I am pain-free, and my stomach issues are now gone. I would say I haven’t felt this good since my twenties and early thirties. Very thankful for Dr. Cullyn’s help.

-Larisa C.


Before coming to see Dr. Cullyn, I was so tired and freezing all the time. I couldn’t function without a nap every single day. I had started cross-fit training, and after 6 months I was still not losing any weight. I was very irritable and had high anxiety. I never felt balanced or happy. I also had trouble sleeping. Now I feel amazing! I have so much energy that I no longer need naps. I’ve started losing weight and I sleep through the night. My anxiety is gone, and I think so much more clearly. I feel like a new person. I’m so happy I came here! It’s nice to be warm and not freezing all the time.

-Nicole H.


When I came to Dr. Sara I knew I my joints hurt, I felt bloated, tired, and I didn’t understand why I was blotchy each and every day, and why on earth did my urine smell stinky sometimes and sweet others? Ick! I knew the blotchy skin was from what I’d eaten, but couldn’t pinpoint what. As we worked through my issues I felt my body come alive. The tiny little pimples on my upper arms and stomach have all but disappeared. My urine does not smell anymore and my joints do not hurt. I now wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to take on what the day brings. My moods have also evened out tremendously, which my husband is very grateful. Dr. Sara’s kindness, gentle prodding (and sometimes chewing me out) gave me the motivation to lose 20 lbs., by moving my body and enjoying the movement, and learning what processed foods were doing to my body. She also guided me on what GOOD food I should be eating and mostly WHY. This convinced me to eliminate sugar, grains, and caffeine from my diet. Yes, sugar. My body just cannot tolerate the after effects of it, as well as rice or corn. Whole, natural good organic meats, fruits, and vegetables garnish my plate daily now. And I enjoy eating them. Fruit tastes sweeter than candy and is more satisfying. At 54 I feel in my 30s again. AND my husband has also lost just over 30 lbs. as he has walked this journey with me.

-Sarah K.

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