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I had headaches every day with constant stiff neck and upper back. The front of my face was always in pain and my sinuses were always irritated. Now I have no headaches or stiffness at all. The pain in my face had gone away and I feel 150% better.

-John B.


I had several headaches a day, terrible leg and foot cramping, chronic cough, which lasted throughout the day and night, and more than our usual diarrhea. In general, I just felt tired. After just 3 months of Dr. Cullyn working with my diet and providing me with the nutrients I need, all of the above has subsided greatly. I look forward to continuing this healing process.

-Debbie C.


I suffered from chronic fatigue, chronic migraines, sleeplessness, and my hot flashes were out of control. Never had a night where I slept throughout the night or did not experience hot flashes in years. I constantly felt tired and could not focus well on work. I just felt as though my daily routine had no structure. Now my migraines are totally gone, so are the sleepless nights and hot flashes! I have more energy throughout the entire day. My ability to finish all tasks at work daily are improved. I seem to be able to handle each day with ease and now feel a sense of accomplishment. I also have that I have a better knowledge of how to care for myself and my family. Thank you, Dr. Cullyn!

-Michelle B.


When I started with Dr. Cullyn I considered myself relatively healthy but was unable to find relief from “small headaches” through traditional Medicine, Naturopathy or Chiropractic. It was debilitating. I would get an instant migraine standing downwind of a smoker, being near a perfume wearer, or being in a room that was recently cleaned. All chemical smells make me sick.

Following Dr. Cullyn’s advice which included supplements to clear my system of a chemical and metal toxic load, I haven’t had a real headache in over a month. I feel so much better, my mind works better, and as a bonus, I’ve lost 10 pounds!

-Missy T.

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