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Pain, Fatigue, Digestion...

We get it.


It affects your work, your family, your attitude, and everything else.  It's time to get your life back.


These symptoms are the result of dysfunction within your body. Toxins may be present from "bugs", chemicals, metals. Nutrients may not be balanced. Your organs may not be functioning at 100%. Allergies may wear you down. Your wiring i.e nerves may be off... the list goes on.


We specialize in getting to the source of your symptoms by eliminating the underlying dysfunction.

I had multiple issues that I assumed were a “normal” part of aging. I was really fatigued, had bad back pain, joint pain, digestive issues, and problems sleeping. My energy level was so low that I could barely make it through a whole day at work. It used to take 3 cups of coffee to wake me up in the morning! Now ALL of my symptoms are gone. I sleep great, and I get up in the mornings full of energy. I do not need coffee to wake me up anymore. I am pain-free, and my stomach issues are now gone. I would say I haven’t felt this good since my twenties and early thirties. Very thankful for Dr. Consales’s help."

Larisa C.

"I absolutely would recommend these guys to anyone... I’m amazed every time I go. They have helped me with my arm numbness, depression and anxiety have improved, the energy I now have is amazing. Now I'm starting into the weight loss and Dr. Sara has equipped me with great nutritional knowledge. Their treatments have helped me more than anything I've tried before."

Tonya S.

"For the better part of 10 years, I had extreme acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion. I was to the point where missing a daily OTC medication pill would lead to constant pain and near vomiting. In addition, I was overweight, tired and energy-less.  From my first visit until now, I have taken heartburn medication once, total. The acid reflux and heartburn are not non-existent. In addition, I’ve lost appx. 20lbs and feel great!"

Brian S.

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This noninvasive interdisciplinary approach works by restoring and optimizing the function of your body's many systems.

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