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I have seen Dr. Cullyn during both my pregnancies for issues some would just accept as "typical pregnancy problems". He has been able to help me feel better naturally without taking prescriptions. I would recommend anyone not feeling their best to visit IHWC because you never know what's going on internally that can affect the way you feel!

-Danielle R.


Before I came in I experienced two miscarriages and I heard about Dr. Cullyn from a friend, I also had anxiety and planter’s warts that I could not get rid of. I have been coming for nine months and I have a healthy baby boy. I have no traces of planter’s warts and my anxiety is completely gone.

-Paula S.


I was having miscarriages in early stages of pregnancy that were unexplainable by my OBGYN. Although I had one successful pregnancy previously, I was still having trouble getting pregnant after my first child. After some treatment with Dr. Cullyn, I was able to get pregnant and after 1 year of treatment, I stopped having miscarriages. I have recently delivered my 2nd child, a beautiful and healthy baby girl. I think anyone who is struggling to get pregnant should seek this treatment first to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.

-Kelly C.


I had two previous caesarian section deliveries due to the positions of my babies. I found out baby #3 was also breech at 34 weeks and I wanted to try to have a natural birth. I went to see Dr. Cullyn Consales and through the Webster Breech Technique, he was able to change the position of the baby. I was able to have a natural birth with no issues!

-Amy D

I started seeing Dr. Cullyn Consales for the Webster Breech Technique at 36 weeks of pregnancy due to my baby being breached. I saw Dr. Consales 2-3 times before I was scheduled to have a version at 37 weeks. I went into the hospital to have a caesarian and the baby flipped into the correct (head down) position on its own before the doctor even attempted the version. I continued to see Dr. Consales through the rest of my pregnancy. The baby remained head down and I was able to have a vaginal birth without any complications.

-Amber W.

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