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Before treatment, my quality of life was poor. I cried on a daily basis in pain. My feet were raw, cracked, and would fissure and bleed. Walking was difficult some days. After 4 years of progressively worsening along with MANY visits to various doctors, I decided I needed an internal evaluation and no more prescription medications. How it all has changed! Now, my feet have regained a natural skin tone and appearance. I am no longer in any pain. My skin is healing on a level I have never experienced with any other “traditional” treatments.

-Raygan M.


I thought life was normal living with joint pain, pimples, and a host of other symptoms.  A friend at yoga suggested I see Dr. Sara because her own list of ailments had decreased or gone away. My joint pain is now completely gone and so are the pimples! Dr. Sara had a great deal of patients with me as it took me quite some time to convince myself I could follow her directions. And it wasn’t at all difficult. At 53, I look younger, my skin glows, and I feel like I can do anything. Getting out of bed is a breeze now. Thank you, Dr. Sara!

-Sarah K.

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