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I suffered from fatigue, thyroid problems (eyebrows were thinning), weight gain which I was unable to lose, and swelling in my legs. After following Dr. Cullyn’s nutritional program I have more energy – able to do things that I haven’t done in years! My eyebrows are lengthening, lost about 20lbs, and the swelling in my legs has gone down.

-Sherry B.


Before I came to IHWC, my thyroid levels were low (hypothyroidism). I was on synthetic medication and each time I had blood work my doctor would notify me that my levels were decreased and my dosages would need to be increased as a result. Having been treated by her for nearly two months, I decided to take myself off of my thyroid medication to see if Dr. Sara’s nutritional advice and supplements would help my thyroid function. I stopped my prescribed meds and relied solely on my nutrition and supplements. I had my blood work done and the results came back with a normal reading!!!

-Ashley W.

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