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When I first came to Dr. Cullyn I had severe chronic TMJ pain. I couldn’t chew, I had neck and ear pain and was dizzy all the time. On top of that, I had constant lower back pain that began when I broke my tailbone long ago and ankle pain. I’ve been to three other chiropractors in the past who gave me temporary relief but it was not permanent… the pain would always come back! I would also have to get new dentures every 5 years according to the dentist’s recommendation to relieve my TMJ pain. Again I would only receive temporary relief. After Dr. Cullyn’s treatments with the use of Applied Kinesiology, I feel great! My pains are all gone and they have been for 5 months!!!

Try it, it works!

-Sharon N.


Before, I couldn’t go one day without some sort of pain in my body. I had TMJ so badly that I had trouble eating. I had knee and back problems that stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. After seeing Dr. Cullyn for Applied Kinesiology treatments I feel great! I can eat whatever I want. My knees have never felt better, and my back doesn’t give me problems either.

-Sarah H.

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