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You're in Pain...

It affects your work, your family, your attitude, and everything else.  It's time to get your life back!


Pain is the result of dysfunction within your body. Joints may not slide properly, muscles may not pull properly, nutrients may be lacking, your wiring i.e. nerves may be off... the list goes on.


We specialize in getting to the source of your pain by eliminating the underlying dysfunction to get and stay out of pain.

You Don't Have To Be

"I had a sore neck and back. Arms were numb and tingly. After only three visits with Dr. Consales, the numbness and tingling are resolved and my neck and back pain has subsided considerably. Almost unnoticeable."

Raena L.

"Before coming to see Dr. Vivona, I felt I was in pretty good shape except for a chronic pain in my shoulder. It would worsen with physical activity and cause great discomfort while I was trying to sleep. After a few weeks in my nutrition program, I’ve lost 5 pounds, my shoulder pain has been eliminated and I feel even better than I did before!​"

Jeffory B.

"I had lower back pain that caused aching in my hip and upper legs. I have also been on medication for high blood pressure for over 10 years. My readings with medication averaged 135/85. After seeing Dr. Consales, the pain in my lower back is gone. I have more mobility and I've been almost pain-free while driving after only 5 treatments! My blood pressure has also shown improvement. Reading after a few visits have been about 127/74 – my lowest readings in years."

Randay M.

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Our Services

Functional Neurology

This noninvasive interdisciplinary approach works by restoring and optimizing the function of your body's many systems.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

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