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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

What is it? 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves high dose - 90-100% - oxygen breathing while exposed to increased atmospheric pressure. You will lay comfortably in a spacious pressurized chamber, enabling oxygen to absorb into the fluid of your blood called plasma. Once in your plasma, oxygen can travel to all injured, damaged, and dysfunctional regions of your body which normally are unable to receive the oxygen required to heal. Treatments are typically 30-60 minutes long.

How does it help?

To better understand how and what this therapy will help, it is best to first understand the effects it has on your body.


While in the chamber you are absorbing much more oxygen than you normally would. The body's ability to use the oxygen you receive increases with each successive treatment. This is due to both increased mitochondrial density and angiogenesis (see below).

Reduced Lipid Paroxidation:  

Lipids are fats. When fats become oxidized they paroxidize and become inflammatory causing damage. Your cell membranes are made of fats and fats surround your nerves (myelin), fats also surround your mitochondria. Reducing paroxidation is critical to having normal cell function and reducing cell damage. 

Toxin Inhibition:  

Toxins are damaging to your body. They also down regulate the function of your cells and make you feel sick. HBOT reduces toxins' ability to affect you. 

Enhanced Leucocyte Function:

Leucoytes are one of the white blood cells of your immune system. HBOT increases your immune systems potency loading your white blood cells with the oxidative ammunition needed to kill infections.

Biofilm Breakdown:

Biofilms are a defense mechanism which infections use to wall themselves off from your immune systems attack. HBOT helps to break down biofilms and makes bacteria more susceptible to antimicrobial substances.


The formation on new blood vessels. HBOT stimulates microcirculation development within your body. This is the area where gas exchange occurs. When we increase the efficiency of these areas, your body is better able to receive oxygen increasing nutrient delivery and waste removal.


The regrowth of new nerve tissue. Your brain makes up about only 2% of your total body mass but uses 20-25% of the body's oxygen for energy. Increasing oxygen while stimulating new growth supercharges your brain nervous system. 

Energy / Mitogenesis:

The growth of existing and production of new mitochondria. More mitochondria = more energy. Your mitochondria will first grow in size and then begin to multiply. Mitochondrial density increases through repetitive use of this therapy improving both performance and healing response.

Bone and Cartilage Repair:

HBOT stimulates the multiplication and growth of the cells that make up your bones and cartilage called fibroblasts resulting in faster healing times, strength, and recovery.

Stem-cell Activation:

These cells can be thought of as your body's' raw materials from which all other cells are generated. They are found everywhere throughout your body and nervous system. Studies show a 8x increase in stem cell release with repetitive HBOT treatment resulting in new tissue regeneration and repair.  

True Anti-aging:

Increased telomere length: these are protective caps on the end of your DNA. Cells that are aging faster, exposed to more toxin, or are breaking down at a faster rate tend to have shorter telomeres. Studies show a 20% regrowth in telomere length after about 2 months of treatment. 


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not used to treat disease / illness but rather the person with the illness. Here oxygen is utilized as a nutrient within your body. This nutrient is essential for cellular energy. HBOT increases energy production of every cell in your body. Your cells form your organs, hormone glands, spinal cord, brain, bones, skin and connective tissues all of which will benefit from this therapy. Often times disease states, chronic illness, and dysfunction are the result of low cellular energy. 

Repeated use of the hyperbaric chamber has been shown to generate a higher degree of the above stated benefits and long term gains received from this therapy. 

Keep in mind, restoration of the body and all its' systems depends on a dynamic holistic approach which includes detoxification, lifestyle modification, Proper Nutrition, and Optimal Nervous System Function.

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