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Oxygen Therapy

What is It?

Every cell in our body needs oxygen for proper function and energy production. Without energy, cells function poorly and die. Much research has been done on the dramatic health benefits of breathing oxygen while exercising called EWOT - Exercise With Oxygen Therapy.


During exercise your heart rate increases and little blood vessels called capillaries open to distribute nutrients and oxygen to your tissues. Breathing pure oxygen during exercise dramatically increases oxygen delivery to your cells. The same results can be seen without the need to exercise when exposed to warm temperature conditions.  


There is no need to exercise to obtain these results, rather in our clinic, a steam sauna is used. While in the sauna, you'll breathe in pure oxygen while your heart rate naturally increases and capillaries open due to the warmth of the sauna. This allows everyone to experience the benefits of Oxygen Therapy with little to no stress on the body.

How Does It Help?

Oxygen Therapy provides anti-aging qualities, increases your energy, reduces pain, revives damaged tissues and increases your body's ability to use nutrients.


Red blood cells carry oxygen to our tissues and cells for energy. Our cells need the energy to carry out their various tasks for survival. Lack of proper breathing and exercise, poor diet and other related factors, the levels of oxygen found in most of our blood is below normal. When cells don't have enough oxygen they begin to take on fluid. This fluid compresses the capillaries reducing the amount of blood flow to the surrounding tissues. When blood flow is reduced your cells no longer receive the oxygen and nutrients needed to survive.  


The final result... reduces age-related wounds on the extremities, neuropathies, fibromyalgia-like pain, chronic fatigue, and improves other general health-related issues.


Flooding the body with oxygen while the capillaries are open and heart rate is increased in the Steam Sauna, re-establishes oxygen delivery to the cells allowing them to lose their excess fluid restoring the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your cells and organs. 


Oxygen & Ozone

Ozone Therapy improves the delivery of oxygen to oxygen-poor tissues and reactivates the oxygen usage of cells. Ozone directly changes the electric charges of your red blood cells and improves their ability to flow and transport of oxygen to the cells and tissues.

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