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Let’s begin learning about the primary systems which we address in order to reduce and eliminate the three primary stressors of your body. Keeping with our discussion we will discuss the first system depicted within the diagram below, your “N” - Nervous System.


Although each system within the human body is equally important, I would argue that it is the nervous system which holds the greatest significance when it comes to total body function and health. It is this system that ultimately controls every cell of your body.

You can think of your nerves as the wiring of your body. The purpose of a wire is to carry a signal or message from point A to point B. Just like a house or a car. Having a wiring issue can create dramatic dysfunction throughout both your electrical devices and your body. Before addressing any symptom or issue of the human body this system needs to be fully examined and corrected if necessary.

In each if the three treatment procedures offered at Integrative Health & Wellness Center, (Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition Response Testing, and NeuroEmotional Technique), the nervous system is addressed first and foremost. If nervous system disruption is present, you may experience ANY variation of chemical, emotional, or structural symptoms.


The wiring of the body can be broken down into multiple segments. Briefly, the four primary segments are the Central Nervous system, Peripheral Nervous System, Enteric Nervous System, and Autonomic Nervous System.

The Central nervous system includes both your brain and spinal cord. It is your command center. The Peripheral Nervous system includes all nerves traveling directly from the brainstem and spinal cord, to the peripheral locations of the body. The Enteric Nervous System controls your intestinal tract and digestion all other primary systems involved with digestion. It is considered part of the peripheral nervous system.

All three of these systems are under the influence of what is called the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which like the enteric nervous system, is not under your direct control. Your ANS controls whether or not your body and its individual systems are in “up and go mode” i.e. Sympathetic nervous system regulation or “rest and digest” i.e. parasympathetic nervous system mode.Think of it this way. When you are up and moving during your daily activities you need your nervous system to tell the rest of your bodily system to react accordingly.

There are times when your body may become “stuck” in up and go or rest and digest mode. If your body is “stuck” in rest and digest mode you will be tired all of the time, you may have abnormal bowel movements and vise versa. There are also times when your body should be in “rest and digest” mode but instead it’s in “up and go mode” creating the opposite variations of symptoms, we call this switching. You can see that proper nervous system is imperative to proper body function as a whole.

Addressing and correcting the nervous system may be done through various methods. We may need to correct the wiring which connects to a specific muscle in order to stabilize your body or correct its posture the same may be said for the wiring to an organ stem. There may me a toxin or heavy metal disrupting the electrical signals of your nerves causing a “short circuit”… the list goes on.

We will get into a little more detail about treatment and correction of nervous system dysfunction in the following posts. Your body’s lymphatic system is next.

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