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What to do for the Flu

There’s been a lot of talk about the flu lately. Is it worse this year because the flu vaccination was wrong? Or is it the health of our country and our communities is actually on a downward trend? Being that flu vaccines are typically only about 15% effective overall, I’d say we need to focus on our own health and the health of our family and not rely on synthetic immune alteration.

Here are some natural health care tips to prevent and handle the flu virus this year.


Eat well to protect yourself

What to eat

Good fats:

All bugs, whether they be virus, bacteria, parasites, fungus/mold are opportunistic. This

means that if they have to opportunity to enter the body and “take hold” within a

weakened system they will do so.

Every one of your cells has a cell wall which surrounds it made almost entirely of fat. Ensuring that your cell walls are strong is imperative for resistance to viral infections. I recommend consuming at least 2-3 tbs. per day of high quality fat in the form of avocado, coconut, sesame seed, or olive oil.

As most of us know Vitamin C is also very important for the immune system. What most people don’t know is that is increases collagen productions which assists in the body’s defenses against the flu. Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid is incomplete. It can be compared to eating an egg shell, not the contents of the egg. Vitamin C should be taken as the Vitamin C complex and to obtain the complex you must find a whole food source. Eat organic red bell peppers not fruit sources as they contain sugar.

What not to eat

Sugar. Sugar is the bane of our existence in the industrialized world. It is an ant-nutrient, a pro-inflammatory agent, it severely weakens your immune system, AND IT FEEDS INFECTION! Best to stay away from it, even when it’s in the form of fruit. You should also greatly reduce grains and carbohydrate consumption as all carbohydrates break down into sugar within the body even if they aren’t sweet tasting.

Dairy would also be a great thing to avoid this time of year. It too breaks down into sugar and will increase mucus production.

At our clinic we offer may ways to help you specifically, with your condition. Including specific laser therapy, immune boosting supplementation, and whole organ regeneration therapy. Check out the video for more info.

Take back control of your health & Stay Healthy!

Dr. Cullyn Consales

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