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  • Dr. Sara Vivona


One of the hardest parts of changing the way you eat is knowing how and where to shop. As part of this series, I will be showing you my top picks at the major grocery stores in our area. Please keep in mind that we are not affiliated in any way with these stores. We want to show you the best options to buy in this area that will help make eating real food easier. Walmart had a surprising amount of healthy options.


1. Organic Produce

I am partial to the spring salad mixes. I also use the big bag of carrots to make carrot juice!

2. Organic Meat

Walmart had organic chicken and beef at a very good price. This is a great way to introduce organic meat into your diet while sticking to a budget!

3. Milk Alternatives

Almond, coconut and cashew milk! Make sure to buy the unsweetened kinds.

4. Organic Whole Milk Yogurt

Walmart has two brand of whole plain yogurt, Stonyfield and Annie’s.

5. Gluten and Grain Free Flours

Bob’s Red Mill All purpose Flour is my go to flour. I use it in everything! Muffins, biscuits, breading and gravy.

6. Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is a healthier sugar alternative and can be used in replace of white and brown sugar.

7. Newman’s Own Salsa


8. Snap Pea Crisps

A healthier chip alternative. Black pepper is my favorite flavor!

9. Kevita and Kombucha

These are sparkling drinks full of probiotics! They are a good alternative to soda and juice.

Happy Shopping!

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