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In the previous post I discussed the three primary stressors on the body which lead to ill health; Structural, Chemical, and Mental stress. Let’s discuss structural stress in a little more detail.


Structure is the foundation of the human body. It includes your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, skin, and nerves. It basically encompasses all parts of your body which you can feel physically. A structural stress may include a physical injury, over exerting or working your body, nerves which fire improperly, abnormal walking or postural patterns… the list goes on.


Let me give you a specific yet common example. Stay with me, IT’S IMPORTANT. It’s girls night out and you have a heavy purse which you carry on your right shoulder. You begin walking down the street and with every step you feel the tug of the strap on your shoulder and neck. Each tug causes a pull on the spine which in turn creates pressure on your spinal cord via a muscle called the Levator Scapulae.

The body, above all else, protects and supports your nervous system so it turns off, to a degree, the right Levator Scapulae, in order to protect the spinal cord from injury. The now turned off muscle allows the left Levator Scapulae muscle to pull harder causing your vertebrae to slide to the left, putting pressure on your spinal chord.

Your spinal cord is the relay station for messages traveling from your brain to body and body to brain.

When there is pressure on it, all messages become muffled and many systems of the body begin to dysfunction from the location of dysfunction on down. The only way to correct and properly turn the Levator Scapulae muscle back on again is through Applied Kinesiology.


It is important to understand that one or both of the other two primary stressors on the body may, and often do, cause or amplify structural stress. For example, if your body is toxic, chemically stressed, your muscles will not function optimally. This can easily be experienced by anyone who has ever lifted weights. When you reach a certain rep. you start to feel the burn. The burn, is actually lactic acid build up which is essentially a waste product, a toxin. As soon as you notice the burn your muscle strength begins to decrease significantly.

Just think if you were in a chronic state of toxicity, as most of our community is today. What happens? Your muscles are weak, they can’t stabilize your bones, your joints slide improperly and become inflamed and painful, the nerves that surround those joints become compressed and the muscles and organs which those nerved supply begin to lose function… nasty stuff.

Similar situations occur when we are stressed mentally. We release inflammatory chemicals in the body which decrease healing time leading to longer recovery periods and greater overall structural stress on our bodies, not to mention pain.

Correction of structural stress through Applied Kinesiology will be discussed in future posts. Our next topic will be Chemical Stress.

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