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One of the hardest parts of changing the way you eat, is knowing how and where to shop. As part of this series I will be showing you my top picks at the major grocery stores in our area. please keep in mind that we are not affiliated with any of these stores. We just want to show you the best options to buy in this area that will help make eating real food easier.

The first store I went to surprised me the most. At first glance, Aldi’s didn’t seem that promising, with it’s aisles of boxes of food stacked high into the air. It seemed liked processed foods paradise. But after taking my rented cart around the aisles, I found some hidden treasures. Here are some of those treasures.

1. Organic Ground Beef

This was the only organic meat that I found and for about $5 it is a good price. You can see in the picture that the meat is taken from cows from the US, Uruguay, and Australia. Because of this, this meat is not the best option you can buy in this area, but it is better that most store bought beef. (Local farms are the best source of meat in this area).

2. Organic Eggs

3. Kerrygold Butter

The best butter you can get in this area! Kerrygold is also sold in Walmart and Giant Eagle.

4. Organic Frozen Vegetables

The day I went I got green peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce. The perfect vegetables for a green juice! Aldi’s also had a good selection of frozen fruit and vegetables that would be good in soups or smoothies.

5. Frozen Fish

Unfortunately, the fish still had some preservatives in it.

6. Grass-fed Cheese

7. Nuts

8. Coconut Oil

The multi purpose oil: a cooking oil, a makeup remover, or put it in your tea or coffee to make a latte!

With most of the products listed here, you could find higher quality products at local farms and farmer markets, but for someone that is on a budget, this store is a great option for introducing real food into your diet.


  • Organic Salad

  • Almond Milk

  • Almond Butter

  • Quinoa Pasta

  • Dried Organic Beans

  • Olive Oil

Happy Shopping!

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