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What do you actually eat? Do you ever eat anything bad? Those are two questions I hear all the time. So let me answer them for you. I eat perfectly all of the time and never eat anything bad! Just kidding! I’m human too and while I want most of the food I eat to nourish my body, I also want to enjoy life and will treat myself occasionally.

So lets take a look at my day to day diet.


Breakfast is usually pretty simple and quick. Most days I don’t have a whole lot of time (or patience) to make an elaborate meal. Between getting ready for work and prepping lunch, I barely have time to sit down! Therefore, speed is key here.

  1. Eggs! If I am in rush, I’ll mix up the eggs, pour them in a pan and cook them like one big pancake. From there I’ll roll up the “egg pancake”, wrap it in a paper towel and eat it on the run!

  2. Bacon or sausage

  3. Low carb/sugar Muffins with a whole lot of butter

  4. Green smoothies with whey protein and SP Complete (Ask about this supplement!)

  5. Tea or organic decaf coffee


Lunch is usually always leftover dinner or a salad with protein. For example, this past week I had a big salad with grilled chicken for lunch for 3 days and then leftover chili for one day. The other days are my weekend and I usually just eat what is leftover from the week.


I am a huge fan of meal planning so that you only have to cook dinner a few times during the week and the rest of the week you eat leftovers! This not only makes the week less stressful, but also ensure you are eating healthy food. Here’s a list of what I ate last week.

  1. Sunday - Leftovers from last week. This week it was spicy sausage and kale soup.

  2. Monday - Slowcooker chicken verde with collard greens

  3. Tuesday - Leftover chicken verde with broccoli

  4. Wednesday - Pan-fried pork chops with sweet potatoes and Chard

  5. Thursday - Left over pork chops/sweet potatoes/ chard

  6. Friday - Chili

  7. Saturday - Chili

I also regularly eat soup, taco salads, chicken milanese, meatloaf, sheperds pie, and a variety of one pot meals.

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